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Norway lotto: последние результаты и информация

Размер выигрыша

Минимальный джекпот лотереи составляет 10 млн евро. Но его удаётся выиграть не каждый раз, поэтому, если никто не забирает приз, то от тиража к тиражу он увеличивается до максимального значения 90 млн. евро.

В случае, когда по достижении этой границы победитель всё равно не выявлен, то денежный куш распределяют равномерно между претендентами, которые угадали наиболее количество цифр в билете.

Остальным необязательно угадывать все 7 значений, чтобы выиграть в EuroJackpot. Заслуженные выплаты получают даже те участники, которые угадали всего 3 числа – 2 в первой части билета и 1 во втором фрагменте билета. Каждому призовому уровню положена собственная доля фонда в зависимости от совпадения номеров:

  • I — 5 основных + 2 дополнительных – 36%;
  • II — 5 основных + 1 дополнительный – 8,5%;
  • III — 5 основных – 3%;
  • IV — 4 основных + 2 дополнительных – 1%;
  • V — 4 основных + 1 дополнительный – 0,9%;
  • VI — 4 основных — 0,7%;
  • VII — 3 основных + 2 дополнительных – 0,6%;
  • VIII — 2 основных + 2 дополнительных – 3,10%;
  • IX — 3 основных + 1 дополнительный – 3%;
  • X — 3 основных – 4,3%;
  • XI — 1 основной + 2 дополнительных – 7,8%;
  • XII — 2 основных + 1 дополнительны – 19,1%.

Гарантийный фонд джекпота равен 12.00%. Поэтому шанс сорвать приз в EuroJackpot – 1 из 95 миллионов. Но это гораздо больше, чем в аналогичной лотерее EuroMillions (1 из 117) или в Deutsche Lotto (1 из 139).

Frequently Asked Questions About Lotto Results At Multilotto

When are the lottery results announced?

The time and frequency of lottery draws depend on the lottery that you choose to play. Some of the lotteries have one draw a week and some have as many as three in a week. In most cases, the draws are done on television and later uploaded to YouTube. They are then put in the following day’s newspaper for players to see. You don’t have to go through the hassle of buying newspapers since the lotto results are updated on the website once they have been drawn. So all you have to do is head over to the Lotto results page to see the numbers that were drawn in the lottery you played.

What prize do I win if my numbers match the lotto results?

The prize break-down or the prize you win also depends on the lottery you are playing. There are lotteries only give prizes to winners that have all the numbers from the draw while others reward players that have as little as two matching numbers. When it comes to the jackpot, most of the lotteries out there split the prize among the winners since it would be rather expensive to give each winner the jackpot prize. Prizes come as little as $4 to as much as $1 Billion depending on which lottery you play and how many of the numbers you have matched.

What lotteries can I play at Multilotto?

Multilotto is a host of quite a number of international lotteries and you can participate in each and every single one of them if you have an account on the website. Some of the lotteries available are the biggest in the world while others are pretty interesting. The most popular slots offered at the site include the likes of the US Powerball and Mega Millions which are from North America, Euromillions and Euro Jackpot from Europe and the Mega Sena from South America. The interesting lotteries include the Bitcoin Jackpot that has a 1,000 Bitcoin Jackpot and the Cash4life lottery that gives players the chance of earning €1,000 a day for life.

What happens if a lottery is won by a syndicate I am in?

A syndicate is a group of players that come together to increase their chances of winning a lottery by playing a single lottery with multiple tickets. If any one of the lottery tickets from one of the members is a winner then the prize is split among the members of the syndicate. This is a great way of cost sharing since you spend less money on the purchase of a ticket and you get to purchase many tickets as a group. There have been recorded wins at Multilotto for syndicates that managed to land the jackpot win. Try it out and your group could emerge with a win.

Will I receive my win if the lotto results match my ticket?

Multilotto guarantees that you will receive all of your wins regardless of the amount that you have won and the country in which you reside. Once you win, a notification of your win will be sent to your inbox and the amount won will be credited to your account. You can then use the methods provided to withdraw. If you have won a jackpot that will not allow you to make a complete withdrawal due to the limits set, you will be contacted by the support team and you will be taken through the payment methods that will make large transactions possible.

Why You Should Play Lotto At Multilotto

One of the main reasons that you should play at Multilotto is because of the stellar reputation that the website carries. Most of the forums and review sites have given Multilotto a star count of at least 4 out of 5 and the good folk over at Multilotto are working round the clock to make sure that they get that one star. This still puts them in one of the top spots in terms of online casino as well as online lottery concierge services. What’s more, you can use the websites lottery results checker to know the previous draws of your lottery without having to stay up late to watch the draws or buy a newspaper.

Getting the lotto results has been made easier with Multilotto since you can opt to get notifications from the website either on your computer or mobile phone once they have been announced. That’s right. On your mobile phone, thanks to the mobile-ready platform the website has been built on that allow you to access it via a mobile device or tablet. This allows you to stay ahead of the game and play again once the draw is finished. The Multilotto website is very secure and none of your private information will be shared with third parties, something most lottery concierge services out there do not promise or mention.

Apart from the website’s reputation and convenience, you have access to quite a number of international lotteries that were otherwise not possible to play due to geographical limitations. If you reside in one of the countries that Multilotto is allowed to operate in, all you have to do to play is create an account, which literally takes a couple of minutes, like a banking method, and once you make a deposit to your account you will receive a deposit bonus that also includes free tickets. Once done, choose the lottery of your choice and you can go ahead and purchase a ticket. With Multilotto, you can purchase a number of lines at once as well as play in a syndicate.

Juega Otras Loterías en Multilotto

Multilotto ofrece una magnitud de otras loterías aparte de la Lotería de Finlandia. Algunas de las loterías europeas disponibles en el sitio web son muy populares en Europa y ofrecen los premios más grandes del bote. Un buen ejemplo es el bote de Euromillions que tiene la reputación de haber acumulado premios de cientos de millones de euros. También puedes intentarlo con el Eurojackpot que también tiene algunos botes bastante grandes y el más reciente ha llegado a alcanzar los 10 millones de euros.

Además de las loterías con sede en Europa, también puedes tener acceso a las loterías americanas, las más grandes del mundo. Incluyen las de los Estados Unidos como Powerball que una vez tuvo un bote acumulado que alcanzó la marca de los mil millones de dólares. La lotería Mega Millions es también una lotería americana que se enfrenta a la Powerball con la cantidad de dinero que ofrece en términos de bote. También se pueden jugar pequeñas loterías americanas como la New York Lotto, la Florida Lotto y la Illinois Lotto entre otras.


26 Сентябрь 2020

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  • 4

Iceland’s Joker разыгрывается в среду, пятницу или субботу вместе с Vikinglotto, Eurojackpot или Icelandic Lotto. Субботний Joker разыгрывается вместе с основным розыгрышем Icelandic Lotto в 18:54 GMT (19:54 CET).

Для игры в Joker в Исландии выберите пять чисел от 0 до 9. Одно и то же число можно выбрать несколько раз. В вечер розыгрыша случайным образом генерируется выигрышное пятизначное число Joker, и вы выигрываете призы на основе того, сколько совпало цифр по порядку в начале или в конце числа Joker.

Например, если сгенерированное число Joker 24845, а ваше число — 12345, вы выиграете, поскольку две одинаковые цифры находятся на том же месте с конца: ***45. Чем больше цифр вы угадаете, тем крупнее будет приз.

Угаданные номера (по порядку Вероятность выигрыша Приз
5 1 из 100 000 2 000 000 кр.
4 1 из 5 556 100 000 кр.
3 1 из 556 10 000 кр.
2 1 из 56 2 000 кр.

Системные игры

Вы также можете играть в системные игры в Icelandic Lotto, выбрав набор из шести или более чисел. Каждая комбинация из пяти чисел из вашего набора будет участвовать в игре в качестве отдельной линии. Стоимость увеличивается с каждой разыгрываемой вами комбинацией, при этом шансы на выигрыш также увеличиваются. В следующей таблице указывается количество разыгрываемых комбинаций при выборе от шести до десяти чисел и общая стоимость в соответствии с каждой системой:

Выбранные числа Комбинации Общая стоимость
6 6 780 кр.
7 21 2 730 кр.
8 56 7 280 кр.
9 126 16 380 кр.
10 252 32 760 кр.

Интересные факты

Самый крупный зарегистрированный выигрыш в Icelandic Lotto составляет 80 млн крон.

Из все денег, вырученных с продажи билетов, 45% выделяется на выплату призов. Выигрыши более 1 млн крон выплачиваются не ранее чем через месяц после розыгрыша, чтобы можно было провести проверку.

How To Play Finland Lotto Online

As mentioned earlier, you have to be 15 years or older to play the Finland Lotto. It is a game where you need to choose 7 Finland Lottery numbers from the pool of 39. A single line with the lotto will cost you as little as 1 Euro when you buy your tickets in the country. There are other ways to enhance your winning chances – enter the Joker game or else you can opt for the available Double, and this will cost you another 0.25 Euro, but is every cent worth it. The Finland Lotto comes with a guaranteed jackpot of at least 700,000 Euro, so all that it requires from you is to get the correct 7 numbers lined up.

Choose your own lucky numbers or choose Quickpick where numbers are randomly selected for you. Matching all 7 of the main numbers makes you a winner of the first division prize – the big jackpot. Even though the lotto starts off at €700,000, it can grow into much larger sums of money. It rolls over each time its not won and after 5 draws if it still hasn’t been won, the prize money is then distributed amongst winners of the second prize tier. Don’t miss out because the draw is on Saturday 8.45pm and after 8.30, the cut-off time for buying tickets, you don’t want to miss out.

  • If the lottery isn’t won, it’s rolled over
  • It’s a traditional jackpot game, using a matrix 7/39
  • Additional number – the bonus – is used to determine 2nd-prize winners
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