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PAKS: The cost of a week's rest for two (regular flight, hotel 2-3* without food, transfer, health insurance) – from 65 000 p.

ANEX Tour: the cost of the tour to the hotel 3* starts from 85 000 R. for two (departure 31 Martha, 8 nights, without food); to the hotel 4* (BB, 8 nights) from 94 000 p. for two; hotel 5* (7 nights, all inclusive) – from 130 000 p. for two.

Coral Travel: стоимость пакетного тура с прямым перелетом а/к Royal Flight в марте-апреле от 40 671 ruble per person (including flight, group transfer, insurance and accommodation for 10 nights at the hotel 2*).

"Intourist": the cost of tours for March starts from 557 dollars per person for 2-bed accommodation 10 nights with flight.

ICS Travel Group: prices start from 42 400 p. with double occupancy for one person.

LEAD GROUP: стоимость недельного тура с проживанием в отеле 2* (breakfasts) – от 675 dollars, to the hotel 4* (all inclusive) – from 900 dollars, in 5* (breakfasts) – от 760 долларов на человека. The tour price includes flight with baggage, group transfer, health insurance.

TEZ TOUR: the cost of tours with arrival in March-April starts from 44 350 p. per person per package with air travel (excluding airline fees), accommodation 7 nights (without food), medical insurance and group transfers.


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Day 4 / Halle-hikkaduva / Tourist day

Breakfast: smoothie-bowl + cappuccino

520 rubles

Bus Veligama-Gale

30 rubles and gray hair

A walk around the Fort

is free

Dinner: rice with seafood and curry + ginger tea

700 rubles

Train Galle-Hikkaduwa

25 rubles

Pants with elephants

400 rubles, but you can bargain

Ceylon tea as a souvenir

250 rubles per package

Coconut on the beach

80 rubles

Dinner: spiced fish with a glass of wine

850 rubles

Cocktail at the local "disco"

350 rubles


  • Let's go for breakfast at another trendy weligama establishment - Soul cafe.
  • We go to the station and take the bus to Galle (Galle). If you shout out the name, he will be found faster.
  • Welcome to Galle, Little Europe on a Sri Lankan island. Fort Galle was built by the Dutch and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Get off the bus and follow the crowd. In order not to get confused, we advise you to walk along the perimeter of the fort first. Views of the massive fortress walls will open, ocean, lighthouse and clock tower.
  • Then go to the center of the fort and walk until you get stupid. You can look for something interesting in the shops. On the way you will see: All Saints Church (All Saints Anglican Church), Dutch Reformed Church (Dutch Reformed Church), Meeran Jumma Mosque (Fort Meeran Jumma Masjid), as well as maritime and history museums.
  • We go for lunch Pedlar's Inn Cafe with a cute interior.
  • Then we go to the station and take a train to Colombo. But we get off at the Hikkaduwa stop (Hikkaduwa). It is called the "Russian village" and for good reason. The number of Russians per square meter clearly exceeds the rest. This resort is famous for its picturesque beaches, where palm trees hang right over the ocean, and a coconut may suddenly fall on your head. And follow in the footsteps of Einstein.
  • Let's take a swim and sit on the sand to watch the sunset. Drink coconut to create atmosphere.
  • While we go to the hotel, we buy pants with elephants in a local shop. For memory. And Ceylon tea as a souvenir.
  • Dinner at J.L.H Beach Restaurant.
  • Find out from the locals, where is dancing today, and let's go drink a cocktail.


Tour operators consider the stated conditions for entry into the country to be relevant for the current situation of the pandemic.

“Today, providing a COVID-19 certificate or a virus test upon arrival will be a prerequisite for visiting so many countries.. Based on this, this factor will not become a reason to refuse a trip in favor of another country ", - emphasize the representatives of the tour operator ANEX Tour.

According to the majority of market participants, will not become an obstacle for Russian tourists and the cost of a visa 100 Doll. Recall, when receiving a visa upon arrival, Russian citizens paid 40 Doll., when issuing an ETA - 35 Doll.

According to TEZ TOUR experts, visa fees have never been an obstacle for those, who chose a vacation in Sri Lanka.

“To stimulate demand, Sri Lankan hoteliers, perhaps, will offer good discounts for the Russian market, which will help tourists to offset additional costs ", - celebrated in TEZ TOUR.

ANEX Tour experts agree with this assessment of the "visa" factor. In their opinion, the cost of a visa will be perceived by tourists as neutral in the event, if the price of the tours is available.

“As practice has shown, the abolition of visa fees in August last year is negligible, but improved the dynamics of booking directions ", - underline in ANEX Tour.

Experts of the Intourist tour operator are less optimistic.

“One could definitely say, what if the cost of a visa is 100 dollars, perhaps, and will not stop those, who wanted to be guaranteed to visit the Ceylon expanses this year, however, other things being equal, certainly, tourists can choose an alternative product, where there are proposals for the cost of an entry visa less. Visa cost in Southeast Asia doesn't hurt, if its value is not more 30-50 cu, whereas large values ​​do not just scare off potential flow, and for some long time they delete the direction from the list of wishes for the coming dates. This was the case with India., eg… If we are talking about visiting families with children (and in winter there were a lot of these on charter flights and regular flights of the national carrier), Most likely, they can choose a list of countries with similar ticket prices and ground services ", – считает Филипп Обручев-Миронов, head of the group of sub-mass directions "Intourist".

However, as Olga Zatonskikh says, head of PAX, ланкийские власти могут и пересмотреть озвученные требования к моменту открытия границ. «Мальдивы, eg, also wanted to enter a visa 100 Doll. and require tests for Covid-19 upon arrival. But in the end these conditions were abandoned. ", - says the expert.

According to PAKS, while many Sri Lankan hotels left the prices of last year for the 2020/21 season. To stimulate demand, some hotels offer free nights or food upgrades.

Earlier, representatives of the tour operator "Intourist" reported, that some hotels try to offer early booking, which is a rarity for this island destination.

Based on the results of 2019 year, the flow of tourists from Russia to Sri Lanka increased by 34,2%, setting a historic record. More than 86 thousand. Russians.


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Cost of living and prices of goods in Sri Lanka

Dinner Inexpensive restaurant 1 people. 1.7 USD
Dinner Middle class restaurant 2 people. 10.1 USD
Dinner McMeal at McDonald's 1 PC. 4.7 USD
The drinks Local beer 0.5 liters 1.7 USD
The drinks Imported beer 0.33 liters 2.7 USD
The drinks Coke/Pepsi 0.33 liters 0.5 USD
The drinks Water 0.33 liters 0.3 USD
The drinks Cappuccino Portion 2.1 USD
Products Water 1.5 liters 0.5 USD
Products White fresh bread 500 r. 0.4 USD
Products Eggs 12 PC. 1.3 USD
Products Milk 1 liter 1.2 USD
Products Onion 1 Kg. 0.8 USD
Products Cabbage 1 head 0.9 USD
Products White rice 1 Kg. 0.5 USD
Products Potato 1 Kg. 0.9 USD
Products Tomatoes 1 Kg. 1.0 USD
Products Local cheese 1 Kg. 9.3 USD
Meat Chicken fillet 1 Kg. 4.0 USD
Fruits Apples 1 Kg. 2.0 USD
Fruits Bananas 1 Kg. 0.8 USD
Fruits Oranges 1 Kg. 1.7 USD
Alcohol Middle class wine 1 bottle 9.6 USD
Alcohol Local beer 0.5 liters 1.6 USD
Alcohol Imported beer 0.33 liters 2.1 USD
Cigarettes Marlboro 1 pack 4.7 USD
Public transport One way trip 1 ticket 0.1 USD
Public transport Transport Travel card 6.8 USD
Taxi Initial rate Landing 0.3 USD
Taxi Trip 1 km. 0.3 USD
Taxi Expectation 1 time 0.7 USD
Fuel Gasoline 1 liter 0.8 USD
Car, purchase Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline 1 PC. 27,024.9 USD
Sports A fitness center, season ticket 1 month 11.1 USD
Sports Tennis court, rent 1 time 7.1 USD
Relaxation Cinema, international film 1 a place 3.4 USD
clothing Jeans, Levis 501 1 couple 31.3 USD
clothing Summer dress in Zara, H&M 1 PC. 28.7 USD
Footwear Nike Running Shoes 1 couple 51.8 USD
Footwear Leather office shoes 1 couple 28.9 USD
Rental of property Apartment in the city center 1-room 206.5 USD
Rental of property The apartment is not in the center 1-room 122.9 USD
Rental of property Apartment in the city center 3-room 578.7 USD
Rental of property The apartment is not in the center 3-room 295.4 USD
Utilities Electricity, heating… 85 sq. meters 1 month 44.3 USD
Communication mobile connection 1 minute 0.0 USD
Communication Unlimited Internet 1 month 19.1 USD
Buying a home Apartment in the city center 1 sq. meter 1,260.5 USD
Buying a home The apartment is not in the center 1 sq. meter 776.1 USD
Salary Average salary after taxes 1 month 247.7 USD
Epoque Interest rate 1 year 12.24%

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Description and infrastructure of the beach

Песок на пляже Велигама светлый, small, pretty soft. Где-то светлый песок перемешан с темным вулканическим, где-то в нем присутствует глина, which makes the bottom surface rather slippery in places. Заход в воду плавный, глубина начинается не сразу.

Ширина пляжа — максимум 30 meters, протяженность — около 3 kilometers.

Наличие на пляже кораллового рифа привлекает дайверов и любителей подводного плавания с маской. В западной части волны довольно редкие и несильные, поэтому плавать здесь — одно удовольствие. There are also small boat stations scattered along the coast., в которых можно договориться с рыбаками об участии в ночной рыбалке.

Beach infrastructure for vacationers, generally, well developed: bars, кафе и рестораны сдают в аренду зонтики и шезлонги, а с их террас можно полюбоваться отличными видами на море и закат, не испорченными плотной застройкой у воды. However, traditional marine entertainment, за исключением обучения серфингу, здесь не найти. Нет в Велигаме и ночных клубов. Вечеринки проводятся в пляжных барах, работающих до полуночи.

В шаговой доступности от пляжа есть лавочки и магазинчики, where can i buy food (в том числе рыбу и морские деликатесы совсем недорого) и другие товары повседневного спроса, а также банк с банкоматами. Разместиться можно в одном из отелей или гестхаусов Велигамы, which offer the necessary set of services for a comfortable stay, even including Ayurvedic treatments, popular among tourists.

Usually, пляж Велигама не очень многолюдный, те туристы, кому не интересен серфинг, а хочется просто комфортно поплавать и отдохнуть на пляже, more often prefer the beach of Mirissa located to the east.

Anuruddha Karunatilaka


In Sri LankaBeruvela

BENTOTA. The beach is not covered by rocks or corals, therefore suitable for high waves and surf lovers.

HICKADUVA. Beautiful long beach 10 km with a very rough sea - from May to November it is prohibited to enter the ocean. But in the season many surfers come here.

UNAVATUNA. Пляж в коралловой бухте радует теплой водой и отсутствием волн и подводных течений приверженцев неактивного отдыха.

SMELL. Красивый пляж с умеренными волнами — и на доске для серфинга можно кататься, and swim is not scary.

DIKVELLA. Not very popular among tourists due to its remoteness from the airport., protected by rocks and coral reef.

PASIKUDA. Summer beach with palm trees and azure water, but without crowds of tourists.

Popular resorts

Just two hours from Bangkok is the most popular resort in Thailand among our compatriots - Pattaya. Due to the wide variety of entertainment for any wallet, the city deservedly comes first. However, these entertainments are more designed for young people and married couples will not be comfortable here.

They'd better pay attention to clean and calm Phuket, where numerous coves and rocks will not allow the sea to become a source of danger for children

Samui will please those too, and others - there is also pristine nature with secluded beaches, but there are also "party" coasts at the other end of the island. The only negative is the expensive "price tag" for tours. The less promoted Krabi is not much inferior to its higher competitors, but the cost of the voucher here pleasantly pleases. The small number of well-maintained beaches is at the same time an advantage - the wild nature has its own charm. Chiang Mai is landlocked, but it will be interesting for those wishing to delve into the secrets of Thai culture and history: there are many Buddhist temples, museums and cooking schools.

All fans of extreme and drive should visit Hikkaduwa. Sunken ships at depth 40 meters, courses for beginner windsurfers, glass bottom boats, foam parties and bars will appeal to young people, and for settled couples it is better to visit Unawatuna, where the shallow calm sea and eco-tourism. Bentota is the best place for honeymooners, here is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with clear water and an amazing underwater world of colorful corals and animals.

People go to Wadduwa for wellness treatments, yoga and meditation. Families with children love Koggala and Kalutara - clean coast, shallow bottom and gentle slope, a lot of children's entertainment. You need to study the mentality and customs of the Sri Lankans in Galle - every second attraction is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and also mountains, gardens, fountains and unique architecture will amaze connoisseurs of Asian culture.

5. Rest cost

Compared to other resorts, flight to thai islands, Goa or Sri Lanka will cost more. But food prices, excursions and other services are very affordable. So the final cost of the tour will pleasantly surprise you.

The cheapest vacation will be in North Goa, but the service is also appropriate here. Goa will please those, who wants to spend a vacation in isolation from civilization and is ready to sacrifice comfort for the sake of a sense of freedom. Resorts in Thailand and Sri Lanka are more civilized. There are plenty of classic restaurants and adequate service.. Dinner at a decent establishment in Thailand and Sri Lanka will cost about 10 $ per person, in Goa - half the price.

It is interesting: Honeymoon trip with a child, where to? (video)


70% Sri Lanka's population is Sinhalese, 20% – Tamils. Small peoples and ethnic groups of mixed origin include the Moors – descendants of ancient Arab and Persian traders, burghers – come from mixed marriages between Portuguese and Dutch, one side, and Sinhalese and Tamils – with another. The island is home to about 42 thousand. well done. In the mountainous forest area of ​​the inner part of the island, near the city of Nuwara Eliya, small groups of Veddas survived (about 850 man) – descendants of the oldest population of the island.

State languages – Sinhala, Tamil, English.

The bulk of the inhabitants (70%) professes Buddhism – mostly Sinhalese. Most of the Tamil population – hindus. Malays and Moors adhere to the Muslim religion (7%). Christian Catholics on the island too 7% – these are burghers and part of the Sinhalese population. Vedas – adherents of primitive religion. Religious beliefs and superstitions are very strong among the population of Sri Lanka, there is still a division into castes. There are about 20 cast.

Drinks from Sri Lanka


Real Ceylon tea is # 1 on the list of gifts and souvenirs, to bring from Sri Lanka. This is a kind of visiting card of the island, which stuck with him for many centuries. Tea is sold in a variety of packages and shapes, therefore, you can choose the best gifts for family and friends for any preference.

The higher the tea is grown, the less tart and more familiar to our taste. I advise you to go to the center of the island, to Nuwara Eliya area, where you will see with your own eyes, how does "that tea" grow. In local factories, you can trace the entire cycle of its processing, and, of course, taste and buy the varieties you like.

If you arrived in Sri Lanka for a beach holiday and you have no time to go to the central part of the island for tea, then you can buy tea in a supermarket or specialty stores. Sri Lankans themselves drink strong black tea with milk, therefore on the shelves, likely, there will be only a vigorous BOPF variety (strong, fines) и BOPD (very crushed. D — Dust, ie. in translation "dust", the strongest tea).

For our person, the tastes of OP teas are more acceptable (light large-leaf), BOP (medium-strong, middle fraction). They can be drunk without milk., enjoying the delicate and noble aroma of the drink.

The rarest and most expensive is white tea, for which only the two top leaves are collected. You can buy it only in specialized stores.. By the way, there you will find green teas, which also sell in Sri Lanka.

Forget brands like Lipton, Dilmah, here they are also sold at every turn, but the quality is poor. The cost of a pack of good tea starts from 2 USD (300 LKR). In order not to run into a fake, carefully inspect the packaging. It should have the emblem "lion with a sword" - this is a quality mark. Ideally, the tea should be tasted before buying.. Without fail, you should be offered snow-white dishes - this is the only way to evaluate the color of the drink. Besides, real quality tea never leaves a residue on the cup.

The best tea is natural without any additional flavors, however, for gourmets and variety lovers in Sri Lanka, you will find teas with various additives (cinnamon, with ginger, with mango, with vanilla, etc.).

According to the customs legislation of Sri Lanka, it is allowed to export 6 kg of tea, therefore, for each loved one and colleague, you can purchase, least, by packaging.


Except tea, in Sri Lanka you can buy coffee. It was once the main culture on the island., but later tea almost completely replaced it. Coffee is grown in small quantities, however, you can buy it as an exotic gift for lovers. Very often Sri Lankan coffee is sold with different flavors. (vanilla, cardamom, ginger).

You can buy such a souvenir in a supermarket. (it will be cheaper), as well as in specialized stores, where the cost of goods is even higher, but the assortment is more solid. price for 200 gram starts from 2 USD (300 LKR).


National alcoholic beverage, which can be brought from Sri Lanka, is the coconut macaw. It tastes like a cross between rum and whiskey, but the strength is not felt so much. Recommended for use with ice, soda or cola. Bottle (0,7 liters) worth 8 USD (1000 LKR) and more.

The second version of the souvenir - red rum "Calypso" (Calypso). It is a cane sugar drink with an intense caramel flavor.. You can drink it neat or mix it with soda, lemon juice, and also add a spoonful to coffee. There is also an interesting option - Silver Calypso white rum.

Sri Lankans manage to incorporate elements of Ayurveda even into alcoholic beverages. In particular, they use various herbs and red banana juice, which have healing powers, helping to avoid morning hangover. Is it a miracle or not, but this statement has been repeatedly tested in practice by my father-in-law.

Attractions and entertainment

Same, who wants to know the history of Ceylon, an interesting journey through different cities and villages is ahead:

  • Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy. Shri Dalada Maligawa Temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to legend, the tooth of the Buddha has incredible power.. The one, who owns the relic, has power and authority over the state. You can see the shrine 24 hours a day.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens. Also located near the city of Kandy. Large-scale, stunning park with outlandish trees, flowers and other plants. Guests are guaranteed an exciting walk among tropical greenery and acquaintance with amazing flora and fauna.
  • Whale safari in Mirissa. Going out to sea in search of whales and dolphins. A boat safari allows you to see the world's largest mammals from afar – blue whales, as well as century-old turtles, dolphins and other marine life.
  • Adam's Peak. Climbing the sacred mountain Adam's peak, Where, According to the legend, Buddha's footprint remained. Beautiful bird's-eye views of the surroundings. Meeting the dawn at one of the highest points in Ceylon.
  • Mount Sigiriya. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hiking to a rocky plateau with a height of 370 meters above sea level. At the top of lion's mountain, in 5 in. n. e., lived the king of the island – Kassapa. The ruins of the world's first fountain with an automatic water supply system remain to this day., as well as part of the royal gardens and a Buddhist temple, which functioned even before the reign of Kassapa.
  • The ancient cities of Pollonaruwa and the Dambulla cave complex. Ruins of ancient villages, stupas with a long history.
  • Jungle Safari – Yala National Park. By jeep, straight to the jungle, in search of wild elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, flocks of deer and leopards. During the trip, you can see the diverse fauna of Sri Lanka. Interesting excursion for adults and children.
  • Fort Galle. An ancient fort in the city of Galle tells about the history of the conquest of Sri Lanka by three states: Holland, Portugal and England. All this time, The fort stood guard, trying to ensure the country's security.
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