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Due to the financial crisis 2008 года в Дубае чрезвычайно усложнили систему сдачи жилья в аренду: then many, going broke, уезжали из страны, побросав прямо на улицах дорогие машины и не оплатив аренду. After that, the state decided to insure the landlords.

Absolutely everyone rented a house here, но государство хочет гарантировать арендодателям финансовую безопасность. Официально снять жилье можно не меньше чем на один год. Pay rent with bank checks. There can be two checks, three, four, шесть — на столько частей вы делите годовую стоимость аренды жилья.

There is also a complex system of deposits. for example, вы хотите снять маленькую однокомнатную квартиру без мебели за 48 000 dirham (768 000 Р) in year. Хозяин готов поделить оплату на 4 чека — это значит, что с вашего счета будут сниматься деньги за аренду раз в 3 months. Тогда при первой оплате вам нужно будет отдать хозяину или агенту 23 000 dirham:

  • 12 000 dirham (192 000 Р) за первые три месяца;
  • 4000 dirham (64 000 Р) — депозит за мебель;
  • more 4000 дирхам — комиссия агенту;
  • 3000 dirham (48 000 Р) — депозит за коммунальные услуги, интернет и регистрацию.

Еще 5000—8000 дирхам придется потратить на мебель, когда въедете в квартиру. Далеко не все готовы отдать сразу такую большую сумму. Someone takes a loan, someone is looking for neighbors, чтобы делить жилье с ними. There is still a good, но редкий вариант: снимать изолированную комнату на вилле. Я так и поступила.

Каждый месяц я плачу за комнату 4500 dirham (72 000 Р). the Internet, коммунальные услуги и уборка включены в эту сумму. У меня восемь соседей, с которыми я делю кухню, но ванна, туалет и кондиционер в каждой комнате свои. There is also good sound insulation.. У виллы своя парковка, в соседнем доме — общественный бассейн и спортзал, there are many grocery stores nearby.

Мой район находится не у пляжа: до моря мне ехать примерно 20 minutes. В Дубае есть несколько городских пляжей и много пляжей при отелях. You can sunbathe, лежа на полотенце, или заплатить за день на шезлонге при отеле, получив еще и возможность пользоваться бассейном и спа — это стоит 200—400 дирхам (3200—6400 Р) за день. There is no place to walk here, но это характерно для большей части Дубая: во многих районах вообще нет тротуаров для пешеходов. Дубай не место для долгих пеших прогулок.

В этой вилле я снимаю комнатуВ Дубае строят всегда и везде, с этим приходится мириться. Sometimes demolished first, а потом снова строят. Especially nowhere to walk

Entry rules to the UAE

At the moment, the entire tourist infrastructure in Dubai is fully open: restaurants, hotels, beach areas, the shops.

Anna Yastrebova, which is the representative of the Dubai Tourism Department in the Russian Federation, announced, that upon the resumption of air traffic between countries, there will be no restrictions on entry. So anyone who wants to visit the UAE will be able to do it only by observing certain conditions.:

  • entering the territory of the United Arab Emirates, you need to have a certificate confirming a negative test result for coronavirus, the analysis must be passed no later than 96 hours before arrival in the country;
  • before traveling, you must take out insurance, which will cover treatment for COVID-19;
  • the airline will be able to refuse any passenger with symptoms of coronavirus.

Also, during boarding the plane, you will need to fill out the “Health Bulletin”. This is a profile, which will be issued on board the aircraft, where you will have to indicate, that you have no symptoms. Another condition for flying to the UAE, this is the installation of a special application on a smartphone, which will transmit your location, and will provide communication with a medical institution in case of infection with a coronavirus infection.

What to see

The main local attraction is the world's record-breaking gold bracelet. It is called "Nazhmat Taiba" ("Taiba Star"). The record is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Weight - 58,7 kilograms, gold 21 carat (875 sample), decorated 5,17 kilograms of precious stones, price - 2,2 million UAE dirhams. This is the work of Taiba Gold and Jewelery from Saudi Arabia. See the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

There are no restrictions on photography in the Gold Market, you can take pictures and bracelet Nazhmat Taiba, and shop windows, and yourself against the background of the jewelry you like. Only inside stores owners can be against the photo, but that's their right.

The second local attraction is the Al Romaizan Gold and Jewelery store., who became famous for, what sells dresses and suits made of gold, bracelets and necklaces of incredible sizes, and the earrings here sell so big, that you doubt, will their ears stand. This store is more like a museum.

The entire Gold Souk is almost a museum, in which every store has something remarkable. Here is a huge assortment of jewelry - rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, many original works of local masters, there are no other copies in the world. But besides jewelry, here they make all kinds of household items from gold - doorknobs, hangers, lamps and bedside lamps, phones and cases for smartphones, even handbags.

Preliminary test for COVID-19

Anyone arriving in Dubai is required to present a negative COVID-19 test. The conditions are as follows:

1. The test must be done no later than 96 hours from the moment of departure to the UAE. I.e, flight time does not count, but only the moment of departure is taken into account. These are the requirements of NCEMA (UAE Emergency Management).

2. The test should only be done in a laboratory, which is accredited by the UAE authorities. Fortunately, there are many such laboratories. Be sure to ask before taking the test, does the laboratory have UAE accreditation.

3. Only paper version with print is accepted. Electronic versions NOT ACCEPTED, SMS messages, antibody tests. Do not accept tests, made by yourself at home.

4. The test result must be in English or Arabic. DO NOT ACCEPT in Russian. Ask the lab in advance, will they give the result in English.

5. Children before 12 years exempt from taking tests.

Despite such strict rules, exceptions are made for tourists. Some tourists say, that they took tests from laboratories without accreditation, expired tests, tests in other languages. But remember! Better to do everything according to the rules! Nobody guarantees, what an exception will be made for you.

Another important point! To 1 August 2020 years you could not take the test in advance, but pass the test at the airport. Now it is no longer possible. FROM 1 August 2020 year you need to have a test for everyone, without exception.


There are not too many souvenirs in the UAE, but empty-handed you are unlikely to leave here. Surely you can buy something for yourself and as a gift to your loved ones. Tourists are often brought from Dubai as European goods, and oriental accessories. After all, the Emirates is the junction of two cultures and the intersection of trade routes.

Sets for coffee

It's about cezve (these are eastern turks) and beautiful copper coffee pots. Bring from Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi is such a gift for coffee lovers, and also grab a local coffee. It will be appreciated by every lover of the aromatic drink and Arab culture..

Coffee pots and cezves in the UAE are sold for 15-20 dirhams and above.


As well as from other eastern countries, incense is often brought from the Emirates. The most popular product in this category is bakhur. If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive, but at the same time a nice gift from the UAE for your friends or colleagues, buy them bakhoor or oriental incense sticks. There is a bakhur about 18-20 dirhams per pack, which is easy to split into parts.


You can talk endlessly about the uniqueness and quality of oriental carpets.. If you like Arabic flavor, be sure to bring a carpet from the Emirates. It is most profitable to buy them in the market or at factories.


One of the most popular gifts for a man from the UAE is a local khanjar dagger with a carved handle. Prices for such souvenirs start from 3 dirhams. You can take them home only in baggage and declared. Besides, buy only souvenir options, since real bigots are considered melee weapons.


Seem to be, this is the unspoken symbol of the UAE, after all, almost all tourists bring their images from their vacation. Camels on magnets, T-shirts or dishes, Stuffed Toys, keyrings, figurines and other souvenirs - a choice for every taste.

Hookah and tobacco

For lovers of Arab culture, beautiful hookahs and different types of tobacco may be of interest. In the Emirates, it is most profitable to buy them in specialized shops on the market.. Remember, that hookahs should not be aluminum. If they are made of this metal, they are decorative, they cannot be used for their intended purpose.

Looking for hookahs, as well as interesting pipes, which can be a good gift from the UAE for men, visit the Fish Market in Dubai.


To take all your souvenirs home, buy a suitcase in the UAE, and then two. They are very inexpensive and of high quality here.. Seasoned tourists even specially travel to the Emirates with a bag, to shift everything later, if they know, that they need a new suitcase.

Where to buy in Dubai?

Если ваша цель не небоскреб Бурдж-Халифа и не Персидский залив, а основательный шоппинг, то запасайтесь (good memory) бумагой и ручкой или делайте скриншот экрана. Не теряйте названия магазинов и наименования районов — ведь это сэкономит вам время и нервы.

Top shopping areas for tourists:

  • Deira District (сквер Банияс и Насер)
  • Bar-Dubai area
  • Al Maktoum Hospital Road
  • Dyyafa street
  • Sabha Street
  • Naif Street
  • Al-Fahidi street
  • Al-Karama District
  • Rick Road

Areas explored, теперь рассмотрим магазины по группам товаров и с названием бутиков.

Магазины с драгоценностями

Вам на «Gold Souk» (Gold market) и в «Gold and Diamond Park» (Парк Золота и Алмазов). Выбирать золотой подарок себе и близким людям из разнообразных ювелирных изделий, believe me, pure pleasure.


1. Why is Emirates Loto pausing its operations?

Emirates Loto is temporarily pausing its operations due to upgrades to our platform and as part of our development plans to provide further fun, memorable and exciting experiences for our customers.

2. When will Emirates Loto be operational again?

Emirates Loto’s weekly draw will return with our weekly draws later this year.

3. What are your plans for the re-launch?

At Emirates Loto, our customers are important to us and we are always exploring innovative ways of enhancing our customer journey to make it a seamless and enjoyable experience. So, expect a more customer centric and convenient experience on our return.

4. Will the website and app still work?

Both our website and app are part of the planned upgrades. They will temporarily be under maintenance and will return along with the draw later this year.

5. What will you be doing in the meantime?

While we are working behind the scenes to provide our customers with the best possible experience, we will continue to support communities across the UAE through philanthropic and CSR initiatives in line with our mission and values.

6. Can I still get in touch with Emirates Loto?
7. Will the upgraded platform work on the same mobile app?

Emirates Loto will be relaunched with a new mobile app which will provide you with an enhanced and a seamless experience. You will need to uninstall the current app and then install the new one when Emirates Loto re-launches again later this year.

Is it worth it?

Dubai authorities declare, that they strictly control the Gold Souk, and there are no fakes in official stores.

But even if it's true. You will receive a product with a carat mark, and most likely, without manufacturer's mark. Sell ​​such a product, if such a need arises, can be problematic. Not every jeweler will buy. maybe, expertise will be required, which now stands from 3000 rubles and above.

And if you still bought a fake? Where will you go with complaints? Will go to the UAE? After all, the easiest way to "shove" a fake is to a tourist, which in a week will fly far, far away, and then it is unlikely to return.

Think, are low prices worth the risks?

Where is it and how to get there

The Gold Souk is in the Deira area, in the al-Dagaya quarter. We highly do not recommend going here in a rented car, since there are almost never free parking spaces around. Better to take the metro or taxi.

The taxi ride from the hotel will cost from 12 to 60 dirhams. Dubai is a big city, the hotel may be in Deira a couple of kilometers, and then you will get there for 12 dirhams, maybe in the Dubai Marina area or on the Palm Jumeirah, and then you will have to pay for a taxi for about 60 dirhams. Read about tariffs on our page "Taxi in the UAE", Look for the current course on the page "UAE Dirham".

The cheapest way, and it is often the fastest - this is the Dubai Metro. Get off at Al Ras station (Al Ras) On the second (green) branch. See the metro map in Russian and fares on our page "Dubai Metro".

After exiting the metro station, walk right along the embankment (looking at the sea), across 500 meters on the right hand will start jewelry stores, this is the gold market.

Or the second option. Drive to Gold Souq Station (until May 2020 of the year was called Palm Deira) on the same green line. Then after leaving you will need to go 500 meters along the embankment, but to the left.

UAE Visas

If a foreign citizen decides to visit the Emirates as a tourist, visiting relatives, for work or for another purpose, then he needs a visa. Depending on the purpose, a certain category of a permit document is issued, eg, work visa in the UAE.

The main types of entry permits are single entry, except cruise visa. They allow you to cross the UAE border once. Good reasons are needed to obtain a multiple document.

There are opinions of tourists about the difficult registration of a permit to visit the Emirates. But it is not so, You can get a visa yourself, if you follow all the rules. IN 2019 year an Arab country issues different types of entry documents. Instead of a sticker in the passport, the tourist is issued an ID number, by which you can find all the information on the Internet, regarding the trip. Number arrives by email, it must be printed on paper and presented when crossing the border.

Tourist visa

To get a permit for holidays in the Emirates, you can contact one of the hotels in the country. But these services are not provided in all hotels., this needs to be clarified in advance.

For registration you will need:

  1. Copies of the pages of the foreign passport.
  2. Photo according to the established rules, size 3.5x4.5 cm.
  3. Consent to the processing of personal information.
  4. Application form, the form of which can be downloaded on the consulate website.

The validity of the passport should be as follows, so that after returning to his homeland he would act at least 6 months. Customs may be required to show plane tickets, hotel room receipts. UAE s 2014 a new tax was introduced, which is set for accommodation, it is additionally added to the room price.

Attention! Average cost of state duty 6 dollars per day, it depends on the type of room and the level of the hotel.

Tourist visa will be canceled, if he has not checked into a hotel room, which was the reservation. Such behavior of a citizen is considered a violation of the law., and subsequently may affect the speed of registration of permits.

Resident and work visas

To get an official place of work in an Arab country, you need to apply for a work visa. You will not be able to get it yourself, the service must be provided by the employer, by preparing a package of papers. The future employee needs to have a diploma of professional education and a copy of the passport. The validity of a work visa is 2 months, it is provided for the conclusion of an employment contract.

During this time, a resident visa is issued, if you own real estate. Moreover, companies, selling real estate, issue a permit for up to 3 years.

Transit visa

Travel and trips to other countries often involve connecting in the United Arab Emirates. Before, to leave the airport while waiting for the plane, needed to get a special visa. Now this opportunity is given to tourists without unnecessary bureaucracy.. Now in the UAE 96 hours you can stay without paperwork. The first two days are not paid, then you have to pay a duty of 13,6 dollars.

After the specified time, the traveler may be required a permit, which must be issued by the travel organizer. It is possible to apply for a visa in advance at the carrier company for 4 days, and also at the Arab airport. Employees need to present a ticket to fly to that country, in which the tour is organized.

student visa

For training, you will need to issue an appropriate permit, providing for this:

  1. Vaccination certificate.
  2. A copy of the pages of the foreign passport in color. If the person is younger 18 years, then you need a birth certificate.

If a person is transferred from their educational institution to Arabic, then you need an extract with grades of study and a certificate, confirming the transfer. You also need photographs for documents. Only licensed institutions can send invitations to study.

Visitor visa

When traveling to connect with family, living in the UAE, then you need a visitor visa. It is drawn up by relatives with a visit date 2 months. But you can stay in the country no more 29 days, with possible extension.

Child permit

Difficult to apply for a visa for children, if they travel unaccompanied by guardians, or only with mother. You must have parental or guardian consent, provided in English, notarized.

Attached is the child's birth certificate and a copy of the passport page, on which the data of children is marked. IN 2019 year there were changes in the rules of travel to an Arab country. Now the child needs to have a passport.

Rules for wearing masks in Dubai

The rules are very strict, large fines. A fine is imposed for an undressed mask 3 000 dirhams. For a repeated violation, the fine is doubled. A third offense may be sentenced to imprisonment for 6 months and(or) fine 100 000 dirhams. For the current dirham exchange rate, see our article "Money in the UAE" or use the dirham calculator.

In fact, the police do not fine violators immediately. First, they require you to wear a mask. And if the mask is not with you or the person starts to argue with the policeman and "download the rights", then fined. Police are rarely on duty in the streets, but periodically organize raids to catch violators.

So remember two rules. The first, always have a mask with you. Second, if a police officer made a comment, then dress urgently and no wrangling.

Flights to UAE for New Year's holidays

The exact date has not yet been decided on which dates will open flights with the UAE, and on the aggregators of air tickets you can already book the date of departure to this country during the New Year holidays.

It will be more expensive to book tickets for foreign airlines: Flydubai – от 41 thousand rubles, Emirates - from 64 000 rubles.

After December 30th until the end of the New Year holidays (08.01.21 g.) Aeroflot tickets will cost about 30 000 rubles. Pobeda Airlines offers tickets worth 38000 rubles. Flights with UAE airlines 41000 rubles.

Decision, buy tickets for scheduled flights of the above airlines, remains for the tourist. In case of canceled flights, refunds for tickets can be compared to participation in the lottery, as the transfer is carried out by the airline according to its own rules. Aeroflot returns money for tickets within 30 days, and recently in social networks you can find reviews with complaints about this airline, since they are in no hurry to return the money.

Second test at the airport

FROM 1 August 2020 year residents 29 countries must also pass the second test at Dubai airports. Free test.

INCLUDED IN THE LIST: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia.

NOT Listed: Ukraine, Byelorussia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.

Now air traffic between the Russian Federation and the UAE is limited, and many Russians get to Dubai via Turkey. Turkey is also on this list 29 countries, and the second test will have to be taken anyway.

Those who passed the second test must stay in the hotel room until a negative result is obtained. The result is reported by SMS and through the COVID19 application – DXB Smart App (we'll talk about it in detail below).

After receiving a negative result (any way, what will come first) you can rest easy.

Beach rules

Wearing masks is mandatory on the beach. But if you go into the water, then you can without a mask. You cannot be on the beach in groups of more than 5 man.

These rules also apply to public beaches, and private beaches of hotels. Police walk on public beaches. Police don't walk on private beaches, and control over compliance with the rules is entrusted to the hotel security services.

22 September Colonel Said Al-Madhani (Dubai Coastal Police Chief) told, that since the beginning of the pandemic already 720 the person was fined for 3 000 dirhams. The police not only walk in person, but also uses flying drones to patrol. Moreover, the drones are equipped with loudspeakers.. And if a police drone flies up to you and demands to put on a mask, then don't be surprised.

How to sunbathe on beaches without a mask? It's very simple. Take your towel and move away from everyone, then you will have the right to remove the mask, since you are alone. There are a lot of almost deserted beaches in Dubai, which you can read about in our article "Beaches of Jumeirah".

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