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Lotto 6 out 49 in Russia

Officially buy a national ticket lotteries in germany in Russia it is impossible. Lotto operator,, does not sell coupons to Russians.

You can buy a ticket using an intermediary. This is the company, who will purchase the coupon in Germany and provide it to you. There are many such "assistants", we will tell you about one thing - AgentLotto.

Below is a brief instruction on using the AgentLotto service.

#1. registration

To buy tickets for AgentLotto you need an account. It will store scanned copies of tickets and purchase history. To register, you will need a valid email and phone number.

#2. Selection of lottery

AgentLotto is a multidisciplinary intermediary. Here you can buy tickets for more than 20 lotteries. Listed lotto, which will suggest AgentLotto, select Lotto 6 out 49.

#3. Filling in the ticket

If you only play in the main round, cross out in the main fields of the ticket 6 figures from 49. If you additionally participate in Super 77 or Super 6, put a tick in the appropriate parts of the coupon.

#4. Payment

On the AgentLotto website, you can pay for a ticket in the following ways:

  • by transfer from a bank card
  • by payment from a mobile phone account
  • transfer in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin accepted, Litecoin, Ethereum)
  • electronic money (WebMoney, Yandex money, Skrill, Neteller).

Funds will be credited to the balance within 1-2 minutes (if you don't pay with cryptocurrencies). You can pay for the ticket right after that.

#6. View lotto

National German Lotto Operator,, arranges live broadcasts of Lotto draws 6 out 49. Connect to stream at 20:30 on wednesday or at 21:30 on Saturday, to see the results.

#7. Receiving winnings

There are two ways to get your winnings ^

  1. if the prize is less 500-600$. AgentLotto will credit the winnings to the balance, as soon as the intermediary receives the prize. Money can be withdrawn to an electronic wallet, bank card, cryptocurrency wallet or mobile phone.
  2. for bigger prizes (from 600$). AgentLotto staff will ask for a power of attorney to receive the prize. This is due to the fact, that for the issuance of large winnings, the personal presence of the winner is required. As soon as AgentLotto receives the money, he will credit them to the balance in his personal account.

Lotto 6 out 49 in Russia

The operator does not conduct draws and does not distribute the lottery throughout Russia. But despite this, take part in the process - you can. To do this, you will need to use the services of an intermediary, like AgentLotto.

As soon as a member makes a purchase, the intermediary will upload a scanned copy of the ticket to the user's personal account within 20 minutes. This assistant is quite popular precisely because of his honesty.. The company has been working with 2012 of the year, during which, has a large number of positive reviews from grateful customers, what became richer.

№1 Registration

To purchase a ticket, on the official portal AgentLotto you need to register. All information regarding winnings will be stored in your personal account, purchased tickets and results of draws. Registration requires more than a mobile phone number, but also email.

№2 Selection of lottery

The portal has a large selection of lotteries, list that counts more 20 options. Select Lotto from the list 6 out 49.

No. 3 Filling in the ticket

To play only in the main draw, it is necessary to mark the choice 6 numbers from 49 provided by. If the player wants to take part in Super 6 or Super 77, you need to mark these fields and then the ticket price will increase by the corresponding amount.

# 4 Payment

To pay the cost of a purchased ticket, you need to decide on the method:

  • electronic wallets (Neteller, WebMoney, Skrill, Yandex money);
  • by plastic card VISA or MasterCard;
  • Ethereum payment, Litecoin и Bitcoin;
  • from mobile phone number;

All methods transfer funds to the account within a couple of minutes. When paying with cryptocurrency, transfer time can be increased.

№5 Getting a ticket

After payment, the purchased coupon appears in your personal account. It can be saved on a flash drive or on a computer.

# 6 Viewing Lotto

For players, who participate in the drawing and wish to watch the broadcast online, required during the drawing on Saturday 21:30 and wednesday 20:30 in Moscow, just go to website and find the corresponding broadcast.

# 7 Receiving a win

To receive your winnings, you can go in two ways:

  1. If you win up to 600 dollars. The amount will be credited to the account in the personal account of the intermediary immediately, as soon as he receives the transfer from the lottery operator. Money can be withdrawn using an electronic wallet, plastic card, mobile phone and telephone number.
  2. For winnings from 600 dollars, the intermediary must issue a power of attorney, so he can get a win for the player, after which it will transfer funds to his account.

What are the prizes and the probability of winning?

В Lotto 6 out 49 nine categories of prizes:

Winning combination Prize fund share
1 category (6 numbers + Super number) 12,8%
2 category (6 numbers) 10%
3 category (5 numbers + Super number) 5%
4 category (5 numbers) 15%
5 category (4 numbers + Super number) 5%
6 category (4 numbers) 10%
7 category (3 numbers + Super number) 10%
8 category (3 numbers) 45%
9 category (2 numbers + Super number) Fixed win - 5 euros

for example, in Lotto circulation 6 out 49, past 8 september 2018 of the year, prizes for participants were as follows:

Winning combination The size of the prize
1 category (6 numbers + Super number)
2 category (6 numbers) 840884 euros
3 category (5 numbers + Super number) 27125 euros
4 category (5 numbers) 5568 euros
5 category (4 numbers + Super number) 282 euros
6 category (4 numbers) 51 euros
7 category (3 numbers + Super number) 26 euros
8 category (3 numbers) 11 euros
9 category (2 numbers + Super number) 5 euros

Lotto analysts 6 out 49 calculated the probability of winning prizes in the national German lotto:

In Super 77

Remember, how much can you win in Super 77, easy - the sums are almost always only sevens:

How many numbers matched? The size of the prize
7 777 777 euros
6 77 777 euros
5 7 777 euros
4 777 euros
3 77 euros
2 17 euros
1 5 euros

To evaluate, what is the probability of winning a prize in Super 77, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the lottery statistics. Data from 8 september 2018 years such:

How many numbers matched? How many participants guessed?
7 1
6 4
5 53
4 545
3 5 382
2 53 187
1 530 126

In Super 6

Remember in this loto, how much can you win, also easy - there are mostly sixes in the prizes:

How many numbers matched? The size of the prize
6 100 000 euros
5 6 666 euros
4 666 euros
3 66 euros
2 6 euros
1 2,5 euros

Here are the Super Lotto statistics 6 from 8 september 2018 of the year. Hopefully, she will help evaluate, how real is winning in this lottery:

How many numbers matched? How many participants guessed?
6 5
5 35
4 400
3 3 679
2 35 098
1 343 682

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Lotto 6 out 49 - is a foreign lottery, which is national for Germany. On average, each draw draws 45 million. euros, along with the jackpot.

Lottery has 3 gaming levels in one. For those who like to rely on fortune, you can take part in two additional Super games 77 and Super 6, where there is no need to choose the numbers yourself.

For players from Russia, to buy a ticket you will need to enlist the help of an intermediary. The best option is the AgentLotto website. This company is the most popular among gamblers, due to their honesty.

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