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Australian Lottery Oz Lotto Review (Oz lotto)


Options The values
rules 7 of 45
Participants Australia
Draw time W. 19:30
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax requirements Lottery winnings are not subject to local tax.

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 7 1:45 379 620
2 Prize 6+1 1:3 241 401
3 Prize 6 1:180 078
4 Prize 5+1 or 5+2 1:29 602
5 Prize 5 1:3 430
6 Prize 4 1:154
7 Prize 3+1 or 3+2 1:87

The famous Australian lottery "Oz Lotto" is out 26 february 1994 of the year. From the very beginning, the lottery made a huge splash among the people of Australia, and thus became one of the best fun of the nation. The essence of the lottery was, what to guess 6 balls from 45. The chance of winning was high and the lottery creators understood this., because in October 2015 the rules have changed, and this greatly reduced the chances of winning.

Smallest jackpot, which can be won in the lottery, equals 2 000 000 AUD, but if it was not possible to determine the winner, the prize is carried over to the next draw, which significantly increases the jackpot. Biggest Jackpot, at the rate of 100 000 000 AUD, was played in November 2012 of the year.

The Australian Oz Lotto is played across the country. And with the help of a lottery concierge, players from other countries were also able to participate.

Cote d'Ivoire: half the battle has already been done

The Ivorians won their most important victory in the first round, beating, for the first time in history by the way, South African national team. Score 1:0, the only goal in the 68th minute was scored by Aston Villa forward Jonathan Koggia. Now, success in the game against Morocco will ensure the Ivory Coast early exit from the group.

Côte d'Ivoire wins Africa Cup of Nations 2015 and finalist of the drawing 2012. At the previous tournament in Gabon, the Ivorians could not get out of the group, having passed ahead the teams of DR Congo and, by the way, Morocco. At the current championship, Ibrahim Kamar's wards, although ude almost left the group, can hardly count on anything more, than, let's say, getting into the quarterfinals. After all, the times of Drogba, Gervinho, Toure passed, and the current generation, of course, full of quality players, but has no stars at all. We'll see, However, what this team with Frank Cassie is capable of, Jean-Michel Sery and Serge Aurier.

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

Pascal K.

180,60 EUR≈ 14 168,97 ₽

Michael A.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

Michael A.

385,00 EUR≈ 30 205,18 ₽

roland b.

193,50 EUR≈ 15 181,04 ₽

Audy H.

100,10 EUR≈ 7 853,35 ₽

Michael A.

232,00 EUR≈ 18 201,56 ₽

Max M.

116,00 EUR≈ 9 100,78 ₽

Michael A.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

Michael A.

175,00 EUR≈ 13 729,63 ₽

Diane X.

192,40 EUR≈ 15 094,74 ₽

Michael A.

1 326,00 EUR≈ 104 031,33 ₽

Thorsten Khanh Nam N.

99,00 EUR≈ 7 767,05 ₽

raed to.

274,50 EUR≈ 21 535,90 ₽


158,21 GBP≈ 13 766,03 ₽

Andrew L.

235,82 GBP≈ 20 518,97 ₽

Michael A.

304,50 EUR≈ 23 889,55 ₽

Michael A.

1 178,50 EUR≈ 92 459,22 ₽

Michael A.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

Gregory K.

326,06 USD≈ 23 002,62 ₽

Mario K.

102,00 EUR≈ 8 002,41 ₽

Hans V.

248,30 EUR≈ 19 480,38 ₽

Calin P.

495,00 EUR≈ 38 835,23 ₽

Jamil H.

128,80 USD≈ 9 086,48 ₽

Seyed Hamidreza E.

132,50 EUR≈ 10 395,29 ₽

Jamil H.

135,12 USD≈ 9 532,34 ₽

Daniel L.

161,50 EUR≈ 12 670,48 ₽

Mircea Ioan C.

237,00 EUR≈ 18 593,84 ₽

Mircea Ioan C.

237,00 EUR≈ 18 593,84 ₽

Daniel L.

161,50 EUR≈ 12 670,48 ₽

Michael A.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

Cheap flights from Agadir to Morocco (BUT I) will find you the cheapest flights from Agadir to Morocco, comparing airfare to Morocco in 45 agencies, 5 booking systems and 728 airlines. Where exactly you buy tickets for Agadir - Morocco is up to you.

Its useful to note, that Agadir - Morocco is the most popular destination in May, September and November.
During this period, the average cost of air tickets is

10 098₽

The most popular destinations on the Agadir - Morocco route are:

  • Agadir - Casablanca
  • Agadir - Dahla

Low season - January, February and August

the price of air tickets falls on average to

8 573₽

Direct flights from Agadir to Morocco

The easiest way to get to your destination is by direct flight. Direct flights from Agadir to Morocco are operated by airlines:

Royal Air Morocco
in Dahlu (2 days a week, flight AT481), in Casablanca (daily, flight AT422)

Coming from Agadir to Morocco with a transfer, you can make your trip even more interesting, because the docking can be carried out in:

This is a great chance to get to know these cities, because the transplant time is usually at least 6 hours.

It is necessary to consider, that depending on the number of days, remaining before departure, the price of a ticket for the plane Agadir - Morocco may change more than twice. advises to buy air tickets from Agadir to Morocco in advance, then you can choose the flight conditions, focusing on your wishes and financial capabilities.

Depends on the country

The most serious problem of the lack of a passport is in Russia. По данным статистики, only have a document for traveling abroad 30% population.

Сроки оформления загранпаспорта нового образца — 1-3 months. Therefore, each hypothetical lottery participant must decide this issue in advance., so that the document is ready by the end of the date for accepting applications.

A biometric passport in Ukraine is made within 20 days. There is a possibility of urgent receipt of the document.

Belarus is one of the few CIS countries, where 1-passport system operates. Её граждане страны могут выезжать за границу по внутреннему паспорту старого образца. But in 2020 year, the country is switching to a dual-passport system. Biometric document production time - 30 working days.


В отелях мы останавливались в Фесе, Танжере и Касабланке. В целом в марокканских отелях чисто, staff speak english. Все очень похоже на Европу.

Номер на двоих стоил 35—45 € (2800—3600 Р). В Москве мы забронировали только первую ночь в Касабланке, все остальные места выбирали за один-два дня до заселения. Отели искали на Free rooms have always been.

Дар — традиционный марокканский дом. Usually, в нем три этажа, several bedrooms, кухня и терраса на крыше. Забронировать можно комнату с общей ванной и завтраком. По сути это хостел.

Остановиться в даре стоит около 25 € (2000 Р). Мы жили в даре в Шефшауэне, комнату бронировали через за 1900 Р за сутки.

В нашем даре было три жилые комнаты, including our, shared bathroom, two toilets, кухня и терраса на крыше. The room was very small: в ней помещалась только кровать. Завтрак не был включен — мы ходили есть на центральную площадь. For 50 Dh (350 Р) the owner could wash things.

Риад — это тот же дар, но намного больше по размеру. Мы останавливались в риаде в Тетуане, booked through Airbnb. Номер с собственной ванной и завтраком стоил 40 € (3200 Р) на двоих в сутки. На террасе накрывали завтрак — марокканский чай и лепешки с медом и джемом.

South African lottery daily lottoНаша комната и рюкзаки в даре в Шефшауэне. Кондиционера нет — ночью было жарко South African lottery daily lottoThis is what the riad looks like inside. Посередине дома «колодец» — прозрачная или складная крыша

Наша комната и рюкзаки в даре в Шефшауэне. Кондиционера нет — ночью было жаркоТак выглядит риад внутри. Посередине дома «колодец» — прозрачная или складная крыша


В Касабланку есть прямые рейсы из Москвы. В среднем билет стоит 30 000 Р. Can be found cheaper, если бронировать за полгода.

You can save, если искать билеты с пересадкой. Перелет с часовой пересадкой в Лиссабоне обошелся нам в 12 000 Р на человека. Но это была скорее удача, than usual practice. Transplants are often longer.

South African lottery daily lottoБилеты Москва — Касабланка на март стоили 20 886 РSouth African lottery daily lottoВ июне есть билеты с долгой пересадкой в Риме за 13 034 Р. For 17 часов можно успеть погулять по городу

Из аэропорта Касабланки можно добраться в центр на поезде или автобусе. Билет на поезд стоит 42 Dh (780 Р), на автобус — 20 Dh (370 Р). Расписание поездов есть на сайте марокканских железных дорог. Автобус ходит каждый час от терминала 1. Информацию о маршрутах можно посмотреть на сайте аэропорта. Еще можно взять такси — об этом расскажу дальше.

Виза для россиян в Марокко не нужна. По прилету на границе просто поставят штамп в паспорте.

Statistics on the development of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in Morocco

On 30 september 2020 in Morocco fixed 121 183 cases of infection with coronavirus Covid-19. За последние сутки число зараженных не изменилось.Общее число смертей от коронавирусной инфекции в Марокко составляет 2 152 human, deaths have been recorded today. 18 778 man, of them 440 in critical condition. Mortality rate: 1.78%.Confirmed cases of complete cure for the virus today, 30 september 2020 in Marocco: 100 253.

The graph shows the values ​​of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus Covid-19 in Morocco by day since the beginning of the collection of official statistical information.

* Zero values ​​mean no data

1 step - time to dress up

Morocco is an eclectic style, country of patchwork bright clothes, colored scarves and lightweight materials. You can safely let go of the fantasy - wrap yourself in a carpet or choose the most beautiful colorful dress, maybe, put on everything at once and a scarf on top - it's up to you.

If you want more respect for detail, you can update the pictures from the TV series "Clone". Художник по костюмам постарался на славу.

You can get beach stoles and capes and make a colorful layered dress from them.!

Special task for girls: the moment has finally come, to show the world your treasures! Feel free to put on all the jewelry, mix and do not be shy, because today you are a Moroccan woman, and they know for sure, that there are never too many decorations.

However, there are a few rules. For girls - outfits to the floor, minimum open spaces on the body (don't forget, where are we), and for guys - loose shirts and pants made of natural materials in pure shades. No shorts, do not relax!


Described site:

There are many lotteries. Some of them are held
only within your own country, in others, residents easily take part
different states. One of these, in theory, is the European official
lottery MegaLotto. Let's explain right away, that she calls herself official. On
serious sites this project is not mentioned.

Participant ticket was not bought, but the creator of the service is not
embarrassed. Upon entering here, a gift ticket is registered by number 467758200.
The broadcast immediately begins with the drawing. Report, that due to problems with
Internet show a simplified version, ie. without video. It even happens
if everything is fine with us.

Now look at the license # 89458432 AI. It is easy to determine by it, that MegaLoto is a scam. The same number appeared in RostLoto and Russian Lotto divorces. Site design and ticket number also matched. The scheme is the same everywhere.

Don't be naive! Include logic, so that in 2 accounts
define, that MegaLoto is cheating.

  • The broadcast starts when you enter the site, as if
    just waited for us, to make a draw;
  • The same messages are repeated in the chat;
  • About a large lottery, the existing 20 years, none
    I heard;
  • With an unrealistically low chance of winning any
    the user is recognized as the winner every time. Moreover, the size of the prize is the same.
    Check the project from different devices (phone and computer).

Only amateurs believe in such win-win events
freebies. Don't let the scammer take advantage of himself.

Honest ways to make money on the Internet offer to work hard to get money. Ready? Then the section "Proven Courses" is waiting for you!

Which Australian lotteries are better to choose?

There are many different lotteries in Australia, but we will focus on the four largest, and we will analyze them in more detail.

Powerball Australia

For fans of foreign lotteries, the name of this game may seem very familiar, and not in vain. The first Powerball Australia draw was held in 2013 year. Then the game was almost a complete copy of the American Powerball.. Throughout the existence of the lottery, its rules were constantly changing., so now the game has little to do with the American version, more adapting to the people of Australia.

According to Powerball Australia rules, the player marks on the ticket 7 main numbers from 35, and one bonus number (Powerball) of 20. Prize categories and prizes look something like this:

  • 7 and bonus - jackpot;
  • 7 — 100.000 $;
  • 6 and bonus - 4.000 $;
  • 6 — 450 $;
  • 5 and bonus - 160 $;
  • 5 — 40 $;
  • 4 and bonus - 75 $;
  • 3 and bonus - 20 $;
  • 2 and bonus - 10 $.

Powerball Australia jackpot amount starts at 3.000.000 Australian $, and rises by 1.000.000 to the next edition, if the main prize remains unplayed.

Mon & Wed Lotto

As the name of the lottery is Monday & Wednesday Lotto is not hard to guess, that it takes place twice a week, namely on monday and wednesday. Players mark on the ticket 6 main numbers and 2 additional of 45. The winning combinations look like this:

  • 6 main numbers;
  • 5 major and 1 bonus;
  • 5 major;
  • 4 major;
  • 3 + 1 or 3 + 2;
  • 1 + 2 or 2 + 2.

В My & Wed Lotto missing rollover rule. It means, that the amount of the unplayed jackpot does not increase by the next draw.

Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto rules are very similar to Mon & Wed Lotto. Players also mark on tickets 7 major and 2 bonus numbers, trying to get into similar prize categories. The main difference between Saturday Lotto is the jackpot, whose amount starts from 4.000.000 Australian $, and gradually increases, if no one won the main prize.

Another special feature of Saturday Lotto is the holiday draws, in which there is always a big jackpot, the amount of which can reach 20-30 million Australian $. Such printings are usually timed to coincide with the New Year holidays or other important events..

Oz Lotto

Players mark on the ticket 7 main numbers and 2 bonus from 45. The lottery has 7 prize categories with a fixed prize fund, which is divided equally among all players, guessed the same winning combination.

The winning combinations and the corresponding cash prizes look like this:

  • 7 main numbers - jackpot;
  • 6 major and 1 bonus - 35.000 $;
  • 6 main - 4.500 $;
  • 5 + 1 or 5 + 2 — 400 $;
  • 5 main - 50 $;
  • 4 main - 25 $;
  • 3 + 1 or 3 + 2 — 15 $.

European Official Lottery

Fortunately for us, the scammer published a user agreement on the site. In such documents, there are often moments, talking about the dubiousness of the project. We see here its creator writes: “After completing all necessary payments, You will receive informational introductory material for further independent work on the Internet without technical or any other support from the administration of this Site ". It's about, that the site is trading information, but not engaged in practical jokes.

The winnings for all checks are exactly
22 700 dollars. We believe in our luck, but everything should have
limits! And chat messages from people, who have just won others
large sums, show the absurdity of the situation. No real lottery
will give such a great chance of winning.

The crook thinks, that the European official lottery MegaLoto
dust your brains and turn off all caution. Never forget about her!. How the MegaLoto scam lures money from users:

How the MegaLoto scam lures money from users:

  • After the drawing on the internal balance
    всякий раз оказывается 22 700 dollars, what already says about cheating;
  • They offer to choose a way to receive money. it
    transfer to a card or in cash at the bank's cash desk;
  • Instead of the card number, we write "This is Deception". System
    did not notice the error;
  • We order the payment of finance;
  • Requires payment of a duty in the amount of 19 dollars
    or 1308 rubles. Pay nothing!

The creator of the MegaLoto divorce repeats the scheme of many other dishonest projects. Only crooks have a requirement to pay for something before withdrawing money. be careful.

To make money on the Internet, use Proven Rates. They don't promise easy money out of thin air, but they help those who are ready to learn and try new things. Make up your mind!


За фруктами и овощами мы ходили на рынки в старый город. Там все свежее и вкусное. There are no price tags anywhere. За два килограмма персиков можно отдать 10 Dh (70 Р), and you can 25 Dh (180 Р). Все зависит от умения торговаться. Еще фрукты продаются в телегах на улице. Их много в городе, every time we came across them by accident.

Как бы красиво ни выглядела готовая еда на рынке, покупать ее не стоит. A local resident told, что там не соблюдают санитарные условия. Повара не надевают перчатки и могут продать еду с истекшим сроком годности.

South African lottery daily lottoРынок в Фесе South African lottery daily lottoЦенников нет — везде приходилось торговаться

Рынок в ФесеЦенников нет — везде приходилось торговаться

South African lottery daily lottoИнжир и опунция — плоды кактуса. Figs are very sweet, а опунция на любителя. Нам она показалась сухой и безвкусной South African lottery daily lottoМы купили два килограмма инжира и полкило кактусов за 20 dirhams (386 Р)
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