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Top 10 biggest Vikinglotto wins

Below are the ten biggest Vikinglotto wins in all countries.

August 2016 r.
44 262 542 €

Before the jackpot cap was introduced, two tickets - one in Norway and one in Denmark - shared the largest prize in the history of the lottery. Both players match the six main Vikinglotto numbers and the international lucky number and win by 22 million euros each. On a Norwegian ticket, which belonged to a joint bank of ten players, Norwegian lucky number also matched, which brought additional winnings in 100 million crowns (10 million). IN 2017 the year the lucky number has been replaced with the Viking number.

November 2017 r.
35 367 365 €

In November 2017 r. Oslo woman wins second largest prize ever won at Vikinglotto, and the third largest in the entire history of the games in Norway. No one has won the jackpot since 14 June of that year, and he was going over for six months, until it was won.

April 2018 r.
33 251 902 €

Norwegian man becomes sole winner of third highest prize in lottery history. He told Norsk Tipping representatives, what will continue to work, despite unexpected luck.

May 2013 r.
28 528 569 €

A man from Tromsø, Norway, guessed all six main numbers, as well as international lucky number and Norwegian lucky number. The size of this jackpot, won with one ticket, remained a record for nearly four and a half years.

April 2017
24 165 351 €

Ten Norwegian players from the joint bank share the main prize, each participant won 2 million. The winners did not know each other personally, since they joined a joint online bank from different parts of the country from Trondheim to Akershus. For more information on joint banks, see the System Games page.

November 2012 r.
15 563 034 €

On two tickets - one was bought at a gas station in Helsinki, Finland, and the other in Denmark - all six numbers matched, winners received 7,5 million euros each.

August 2013 r.
8 521 061 €

IN 2013 r. a ticket holder from Denmark won the second largest lottery prize in the country's history, snatched the jackpot in the Onsdags Lotto (later renamed Vikinglotto). This is the largest Vikinglotto jackpot, which has ever been won outside Norway.

May 2014 r.
7 495 511 €

Another winner from Finland, this time from Suomussalmi, ripped off almost 7,5 million euros - the country's largest jackpot, won with one ticket.

June 2017 r.
7 425 449 €

Won by a single ticket holder from Denmark. Ticket, purchased from the Golden Baker store in Wordingborg, brought the eighth highest prize in the history of the lottery in Denmark.

October 2013 r.
6 810 395 €

This jackpot was also won by one ticket holder from Denmark. At that time, it was the fourth largest lottery win in the history of the country.. The winning ticket was purchased online from Danish lottery provider Danske Spil.

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